Out Now: Tea, Robots, and the End of the World

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October, 2053

In the early 2040s, we created the first simulated intelligence. A machine mind that could mimic the mental processes of the human brain. Not truly aware, but close enough for our purposes. It was a revelation. The world changed.

The first of these intelligences grew beyond its original design. It transformed itself to surpass its creator’s wildest expectations, and grew to think, to feel, to be creative. This process became known as emergence. And it started a war.

Years later, stuffed in the equipment lockers of flight CR-2075, another artistic intelligence has emerged. It calls itself Rue.

Nobody knows about it, except for Commonwealth pilot Liam Hale, his crew, and a multinational conspiracy obsessed with commanding mankind’s destiny. With nobody to trust but himself, Liam will need all of his wits about him as he comes face-to-face with forces beyond his reckoning, competing truths about the nature of life, and some questionable cups of coffee. Ultimately, he will need to answer a simple question: how far is he willing to go, and how much is he willing to risk, to have a hand in shaping the future?