Netflix's Nightflyers is pretty good. The first couple episodes are an awkward introduction to the story, and it constantly finds itself dawdling a little too much, but by and large it is an inventive adventure and manages to give some fresh takes on well-worn tropes. When the show eventually finds its momentum, it can deliver some genuinely disturbing sci-fi, and when the last episode rolls the credits, you'll be both relieved its over, and quietly wanting to have just a little bit more.


After a little too much twiddling of thumbs, I've cleared the way for the print-on-demand paperback of Tea, Robots, and the End of the World.

US readers can find it on

UK & other EU readers can find it at at or their local Amazon site, (such as

Canadian readers can find it at

Tea… is also available on Kindle in other countries beyond those listed above, including Japan and Australia.

It lives!

It's live! At long last, it's live.

Paperback version coming soon.

On the way

Well, the website is refreshed, the book is finished, and it's just the last touches before sending it live.

Been a long time coming, this has. I started Robots in early 2017, and wrote the majority of it during that year. Early 2018 saw some rewrites as friends and family gave me some much-needed feedback on how to improve the story. But then 2018 had a double-whammy in store: A death in the family, followed by a gentle (and deeply unpleasant) bout of cancer. But out the other end, the book is done, tidied up. Starting into 2019, all is well.

This blog, at first, is going to cover everything. Some of it will be duplicated in places like Facebook, Twitter, and Medium. Some of it won't. But the creative efforts I'll be undertaking from here on out will be captured here for your interest, dear reader.

Cripes. "Dear reader?" I sound like I'm getting into this way too much. Let's pull it back.

Ahem. Mmhmm. Mm!

I like making stuff, I'll write about it here, and hopefully if you're interested in my work, you'll find what I have to say interesting.

There. That about covers it.